I have been drawing since I could wield a Chubby Stump (seriously, did NO ONE ELSE call wax crayons that? Maybe it was a Scottish thing?) and I wanted to go into illustration until I became torrentially insecure and chose acting as a career. Luckily I got my stability back and now I love acting and drawing and writing alike. I will always cartoon, not with any pretension of greatness but just with a love of amusing myself.

The Regina Monologues

Regina’s deeply offensive poetry for children (see: Writing) is illustrated with some very scraggly and wrong illustrations containing lots of blood and curious appendages. You can buy the Kindle or paper book from Amazon (all profits go to the Testicular Cancer charity It’s On The Ball or you can stream the audio for free through SoundCloud (although you won’t be able to hear the illustrations… I’m not that good!)

Other Things