You’re here!

Congratulations (or commiserations) on finding my website and I hope you bumble along quite nicely with it.

It will help you learn a bit about all the weird stuff I do and it will also help you contact me if you want to work with me, or if you want to say you like my work, or if my work offends you, or my face offends you, or makes you feel funny inside. I trained as an actress but I also write stuff, draw stuff and have a Master’s degree in Children’s Literature. I’m not like most other actresses, I have tattoos and I do interesting things with my hair and I don’t want to be famous, so I mostly do my acting with my voice, which means I can eat cake at will and be honest about my age (currently: 40). I am a strong believer in doing your own thing, black comedy and intersectional feminism. That’s where my life has landed me. If you wish to find out more, peruse away!